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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is also a non-surgical way to break down pigment colors of unwanted tattoos, making them less noticeable or removing them completely. At Holistic Aesthetics, we have different laser technologies depending on the specific tattoo to be removed. Our lasers target the ink within the tattoo and break up the tattoo’s pigment with a high-intensity light beam. The body then slowly breaks down and absorbs the dye. Tattoos tend to fade after each treatment as the laser breaks down the color and the body’s lymphatic system removes the ink. The tattoo fades gradually throughout a series of sessions.

The dye color used to create your tattoo also impacts how easily it will be removed. Tattoo patterns made with different colors are usually more difficult to remove and may require more visits than a tattoo made with just one color.

At Holistic Aesthetics, we specialize in the most advanced tattoo removal treatment with laser. Our system is the gold standard in laser tattoo removal technology, delivering ultra-short pulses of thermal energy in seconds to quickly heat up and break apart tattoo inks. Our Laser tattoo removal system has the following benefits:


  • Minimal discomfort or pain
  • Safe and highly effective
  • Removes any color
  • Little or no side effects
  • Minimal injury to surrounding skin
  • Requires fewer treatment sessions

The Technology of Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced laser energy technology is used in the process of laser tattoo removal. It is directed at the targeted tattooed area for a second, and as the laser energy passes through the outer layer of the skin, it targets the tattoo’s ink directly. The ink absorbs the laser energy, allowing the tattoo to break down into tiny particles that the body carries off naturally.

At Holistic Aesthetics, we offer a free consultation to evaluate the tattoo and give you a recommendation on how many treatments you will need.

Usually, a tattoo with lots of colors can be removed, but not always. However, some colors may require more tattoo removal treatments.

We use the newest techniques and state-of-the-art lasers at Holistic Aesthetics, NY.

Will my tattoo be gone after my first Laser Tattoo Removal treatment?

The answer is No. Several factors determine how many treatments your tattoo will require, but the average treatment is between 5 and 15 sessions. It is entirely normal for nothing to change after your Tattoo Removal procedures.

Some people even see their tattoos getting darker with their first treatment. It is important to note that everyone responds to treatments at different rates, and the tattoo removal treatment is only effective with multiple visits. Being patient and following the advice of our specialist will get you the best results possible.

What to expect after your Tattoo Laser Treatment?

You may resume all activities soon after the laser tattoo removal treatment, though the area around the tattoo will look reddish, and the inked area will be slightly raised, much like a sunburn. Though scarring is rare after a laser tattoo removal procedure, scarring is possible in any medical process that involves the skin. If you scar easily or are predisposed to keloids, your scarring may be higher. However, if adhered to our aftercare instructions will significantly reduce your chances of scarring.

Visit Holistic Aesthetics, and our specialist will advise on the required number of treatment sessions according to your specific conditions to achieve optimal results.

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